20 thoughts on “What Price Abs?

  1. You hit the peak there! Brilliant treffing as always, tref. A small entry in the McDonald’s Encylopedia of Franchise Mountaineering states: “McScout’s diary. June 1935. Day Fifteen. Lost several of our McMountaineer team to a midday avalanche. This was followed by a Yak attack resulting in the loss of our cook. Will not resort to cannibalism unless absolutely Mcnecessary. Day Sixteen. Finally reached the summit without further losses and prepared to unfurl our Mcflag. But confound it, Wimpy Grills had beaten us to the top, and all our efforts had been in vain.” [Wimpy Grills not to be confused with ‘Bear Grylls’ or the ‘George Foreman Grill’]

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