31 thoughts on “E-i-e-i-ahhhhhhhhh!

    • Well, the farmer in Bingo is never specifically stated (possibly for legal reasons) but there is much available that suggests that it’s Old McDonald. So it is either he, or a subsidiary of same (a.k.a., Bingo) who would likely receive the royalties. I hope this answers your question.

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    • PiF: I wrote and submitted your Amazon review this afternoon. I just now received a community standards warning from Amazon, rejecting said review. What did I do that offended Amazon? I don’t know, but I will recreate it here for you as best as I can: “I am a long time reader of Betsy’s blog, Parenting Is Fun. I am not a parent, or a pediatrician, a Franciscan, or a retired early-childhood mental health counselor. I do have a turtle. And it’s a very naughty turtle, but, really, I am just a guy who likes funny things. And Betsy Kerekes is very, very funny. She is also very wise. In classical philosophy she would be called a sage. But fortunately for us, classical philosophy does not enter into it. Nobody ever put down a copy of Schopenhauer’s Parerga and Paralipomena and said, “That is hilarious!” But with this book, you will do just that.”

      Sorry, Bets. I registered a complaint, but that is all I can do. As a side-note, I notice Amazon also deleted my one and only previous review. So, perhaps, it’s personal.



      • Well, Tref, if it makes you feel any better, two other people have had the same problem. It’s like Amazon somehow figures out that we are not COMPLETE strangers and therefore decides your review must be biased. I do appreciate your effort, however. Maybe I’ll immortalize your review on my blog instead.
        I appreciate it! And am glad you enjoyed a few good laughs. :)

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