Home gardens

I remember

when-ever one of us kids

had a loose tooth,

our father would go to the basement

and return with some

string from his work-bench.


Making a loop in the string,

he would then attach

one end of the string to the loose tooth,

& the other end of the string

to a doorknob.


He’d do a countdown

from three,




And then he would

chuck the doorknob

out the window.


“That’s another one for the yard”

he’d say,

reaching for his binoculars

36 thoughts on “Home gardens

    • Hah! Truly, it has never been a worse time to be an imaginary being, vta. Times are tough. I remember I use to put a tooth under my pillow only to have my father sneak in during the middle of the night and put it under his own pillow. I know this because the following day I would have nothing and here my dad has a shiny new quarter to spend.

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