Empire of the ants

They say from a plane

all the people

look like ants,


but ants are too small to see,


and, yet, you

know the ants are

down-there anyway,

— millions of them —


and they’re just

waiting for you to

leave on a plane trip.


At 3:00 a.m.

I awoke in my bed

and suddenly


that I had left a

pie resting on

the windowsill

to cool.


So, I got up and went into

the kitchen,


When I opened the light,

I gasped as I saw

thousands of ants

covering the pie!


This surprised me

because though

I was aware

that I had a minor ant problem,

I didn’t think they

kept such late hours.


Nevertheless, as a result, now I had a major ant problem


My friend volunteered,


ants hate cinnamon.

And while that is

quite shocking,

I explained that I was not looking for

another reason to

dislike the ants.


To be continued …



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52 thoughts on “Empire of the ants

  1. Oh, chuckle chuckle! When we came back from a vacation there were ants in our trash and even in our freezer. That last one was truly bizarre. I made a blog post about it. They froze to death. I called them brave but stupid.

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      • Actually, I just added the directions into the piece. I think you might have just missed it (though I left out that you are supposed to mix the sugar with the cinnamon before adding it to the buttered bread, so that it is evenly distributed)

        *** Since I have omitted the directions from the piece I will post it here. Mix the sugar with cinnamon. Spread evenly on buttered bread (one side only). Toast on top rack in the oven set to broil (so only top is being toasted). Eat. Enjoy. Or, feed to ants. Thank you.

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    • I have never been anti-ant, i mean, they did bring the grasshopper in from the cold and feed him and all for the price of some fiddle playing. Assuming that story is not apocryphal, anyway

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    • I agree with this. I don’t really hate the ants. They are only doing as they were instructed to do. And while I will not bend a knee to their queen, I don’t mind them scavenging for the occasional crumb or whatnot, just DO NOT TAKE ADVANTAGE of my good-will, what.

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  2. The cinnamon thing is an urban myth? I could have sworn I sprinkled some in the way of an ant marching area and they didn’t cross it….
    but maybe I only convinced myself that happened!! :)


    • I don’t know about that, as an experiment, I left out two different types of cheese for the ants, and they definitely seemed to prefer the gruyère over the jack. Granted they ate both, but the ones that ate the gruyère seemed a little more self-satisfied about it.

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