Up the chain

I once joined

a UFO cult.

My initiation was,

surprisingly, very



I signed some papers,

was fitted for a robe,

the leader said a

few words, and then

I was

immediately handed

a small dixie-cup

of poison.



I didn’t know what to do.

I was aghast.

I said, hold on, hold one,

one minute, folks,

I thought we built towards this!



“Taughannock Falls”

by Mary Cellini


34 thoughts on “Up the chain

  1. It wasn’t really poison. It was a hallucinogenic drug that would have allowed you to accept the physical appearance of the aliens, who are extraordinarily ugly and not the least bit humanoid. Since you are not presently living on Vlugura-9 with a blushing monster-bride, I assume you didn’t drink the “poison” in the Dixie cup.

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