Circus Wars

Lo! The ‘great’ war

between the two

circus companies was

about to commence.


The Ringmaster called for

the clowns,

he called for the geeks,

he called for the flying elephants


the ferocious lions.


“Suit up and arm ye-selves,” He cried.

“We’ll teach those second-rate interlopers!”


Several hundred yards away

the other circus was fast asleep.

Unaware of their

impending doom.


Cried the Ringmaster,

“Bison Bob’s Wild West Vaudeville & Indian War Battle Reenactment Show,

will rue the day

they ever heard

the name,

Col. Beauregard ‘s Famous Flying Traveling Circus & Side Show Supreme of 1873!


At that moment,

the strongman wheeled out

the mighty circus cannon,

and aimed it across the river,

toward the location of the

rival circus.


A hush fell among the circus crowd.


“Fire” Said the Ringmaster.


Boom went the cannon!


Aaaaaghhhhhhhhhhh! cried the human cannonball.




24 thoughts on “Circus Wars

  1. This war spawned a film franchise, known as GREAT CIRCUS WARS:
    -The Cannonball Menace
    -Attack of the Clowns
    -Revenge of the Fuse
    -A New Shot
    -The Circus Strikes Back
    -Return of the Bozos
    -The Cannon Awakens
    -The Last Bozo
    -The Rise of Sky Wackos

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