If it is true

that magnets

really have

magical healing powers,

then the

refrigerator at

my mom’s house

is going to






I’m thinking about

the things

we used to do

that rhymed



riding a bus,

making a fuss,

tightening a truss,

waving at Russ



I’m thinking about

the things

we used to do

that rhymed

26 thoughts on “Slap-dash

  1. When I was a child, my parents were friends with a German lady who used to bake the most wonderful pastries. Her cherry turnovers were my favorite. Later on, Pop Tarts got tired of me talking about those turnovers and divorced me.

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    • I had to double check, myself, but if you’re in the wordpress reader there is a settings button on the top right, click on that and there is a notify me of new posts option. Otherwise you can visit my actual page and at the bottom right there is that floating wordpress button option to ‘follow’. Thanks, JC

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