To me





The bigger they are, the harder i run.


A watched pot never boils,

it only becomes

really self-conscious


Each time I watch the film,


I see something different


Before getting assistance at a

magic store,

you should have to take a number.

Any number.


Representing myself in court

would be like

having a really good

looking fool for a lawyer.



“good old fashioned horse-sense,”

stops at eating hay.


What is the point of owning an

infinity pool,

when I know I’ll never live long

enough to get its full effect?


Though they are called,

‘disposable’ lighters,

it doesn’t get any easier

the more time

you spend with them.


It seems like the dinosaurs had it coming.




Happy Thanksgiving!


“Big Cats in Humboldt”

by Mary Cellini

©2020 all rights reserved


27 thoughts on “To me

      • Not really. It’s one of the few imported “celebrations” we haven’t been infected with tref. One pleasant by-product of covid was an almost total abandonment of that ghastly sugar-fest that is Halloween.
        As you can see, I am preparing early for Grinchmas.

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  1. (1) David Lynch broke the handle off his virtual razor while shaving. Now all he’s got left is the E-Razor-Head.
    (2) When referring to a given running distance, the smaller they are, the more tired the legs get.
    (3) Actually, the third Paul McCartney is knocking at the door. He’s bringing his band, which consists of Sister Suzie, Brother John, Martin Luther, Phil and Don, Brother Michael, and Auntie Gin.
    (4) My friend directed a movie called Diaper Rashomon. Sorry to say, it was pretty crappy.
    (5) I walked into a magic store in Las Vegas, but after looking around, I decided it was all a gimmick, so I left. For some reason, when I came out of the store, I found myself in Xanadu.
    (6) Foolish lawyers always seem to be on the defensive. They don’t like to be judged.
    (7) I always wanted to roll in the hay with Teri Garr, but ended up dancing the boogie with Marty Feldman.
    (8) Forget about the infinity pool. As a food aficionado, I suggest you relax and eat that last piece of apple π.
    (9) The dinosaurs didn’t have it coming, but they saw it coming from the deck of the Royal Caribbean cruise ship dubbed the Chicxulub.

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