Gas, grass or, sassafras

When I travel,

I like to have

several different

wallets on me at

all times.


That makes

it like a shell game

for pick-pockets.


In one pocket

there is a wallet with

all my money

& credit cards in it.


And in the others

there is a note that says,


“You are not a winner.

Please try again.”


51 thoughts on “Gas, grass or, sassafras

  1. My Uncle Rocco used to travel to Sicily regularly to see family and would actually do something similar. He said pick-pocketing was rampant, as were spontaneous labor strikes called in the middle of the day.

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    • They say in every joke there is kernel of truth. Though I have never had the good fortune to travel abroad, if I did, I always figured I would do some variation of the post. Though between you and me, I have always disliked carrying things in my front and back pockets and usually rely on the kindness of whomever I am with to carry the stuff for me. That is partly why I still love cargo pants and fanny packs, despite being so out of fashion.

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    • Ahh, yes, at the age of three or four I was obsessed with the Artful Dodger. I listened to the Oliver soundtrack every chance I got. My grandparents took me to see the stage play and I was delighted to see Davey Jones had the part. More on topic, yes, it was nice to be back at a table.


  2. If only you could also find a way to flatten a piece of coal and stick that in there.
    Or maybe we don’t want to encroach on Christmas’s territory…. :)

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    • That’s great, Seliz. I hadn’t thought of coal, but in the many different drafts, I had: monopoly money, glitter, waffles, a wallet made of waffles (and/or pancakes), a return address and a stamp, a wallet connected to a rubber band (ala Harpo Marx) and some kind of electrical shock device. Nothing seemed to quite work.

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  3. Hahaha. I love the wallet made of waffles. ‘Cause even if it was empty, they wouldn’t have completely lost out, ’cause they’d have a nice snack.

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