55 thoughts on “On golden ladders

    • I once went to the Krishna Temple in Berkeley, Ca. and volunteered to help clean, etc, just for the experience of being there. They said, OK, but to test if I was sincere they brought out an old wonky ladder and said I could clean the chandeliers. This ladder was, at least, twice the size of the average ladder, and appeared to have been purchased sometime during the Middle Ages, but I went up, anyway. And, even still, I had to carefully balance on the top to reach the lights. Luck was on my side that day, but I would never do it again. The first and last time I ever climbed a ladder.

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  1. “The Middle Ages” LOL
    Wow, that really WAS a test. Except couldn’t it have gone very badly for them if you fell off and killed yourself?! Hmm……
    Yeah, heights do not bother me at all. But unstable equipment does. The ladder would have to be a fresh purchase from Lowe’s, basically, before I’d go up it.
    My problem isn’t even shedding the mortal coil. It’s falling off…surviving…and then having to live the rest of my days in pain hobbling around on the ankles I broke when I fell 15 years before.
    You’re very brave!

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    • That would be one insanely tall angel. In fact, an angel small enough to dance on a pin head and yet tall enough to change a church light bulb is why people should fear angels far more than they do.

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    • That’s great, Kerry. I was lucky. I had a pastor who was this imposing, old school, slyly funny, line-backer sized guy who dressed like Neo in the Matrix, told stories of seeing evil spirits, and would call out an old lady in the front row he saw chewing gum to “swallow it or spit it out.” Then he would hold out his giant paw to receive the gum. No one ever dared approach him. When he left I suddenly realized how dull church could actually be, and, I guess, that led me to thinking about ceiling light fixtures.

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