Have you traveled far?

They say

that you’re supposed to

talk to your plants every

day to keep them healthy,


but some-times,

in the middle of the night,

I’ll suddenly remember that

I forgot.


So I’ll get out of bed,

go downstairs,

creep into the kitchen,

and say,

“You up?”



“With a smile and barong”

* photo courtesy of Fernando De Manila Tailoring in L.A.

32 thoughts on “Have you traveled far?

  1. Have you thought about keeping your plants in the bedroom so you won’t have to go downstairs into the kitchen on such occasions (or would that take away your excuse to grab a beer and a midnight snack while you’re at it –haha)?

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  2. I tried that and was dismayed to see my plants weren’t even there. I waited till 5am when finally they rolled in worse for wear, singing, knocking things over, and telling me how much they love me all of a sudden.

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