35 thoughts on “Battlefield land

  1. Hi Tref! I believe California’s early settlers were going thru a Civil War, and maybe 2x over. The settlers were at war with their own lawlessness, the fragmentation of a malformed Union and war with the American Indians, all simultaneously happening. For me, the Civil War was very expansive and helped pave the way
    for peace and brotherhood, embracing not only African Americans, but the indigenous and often enslaved American Indians too. Happy Saturday! (AOC). 💞💫

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      • Hi Geo! You are welcome. Many battles within the USA were going on during the mid and throughout the late 1800s. The North (union) vs South (confederate) was the Civil War battle. And yes, there are always so may other battles within the major fight. For California the 1849 Gold Rush was a big quest to further conquer and maintain while trying to overcome the indigenous tribal Indians. I wonder if the Civil War really had anything to do with anti slavery. I do know that Southerners had become very wealthy from the institution of slavery and for the North, the Gold Rush and ideas of industrialization added to the bouts of divided interests. Have an awesome day!💞🍮🍂🍮

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  2. As far as we know, no human has actually set foot on Mars. That doesn’t leave our Welcoming Committee with much to do. So, we mostly just sit around in our green jumpsuits, drink strawberry daiquiris, and say things like, “What’s the news out of Hollywood? I hope it’s not a remake of “Santa Claus Conquers the Martians.”

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    • I am sure it is notable for something related to the Civil War but there were no battles in California. Arguments, maybe. Sides taken, perhaps. But no battles.


  3. Your group could dress up as missionaries and drink lemonade and say, “What group of people
    who were living here before us are we going to go out and demand to believe in our beliefs?”
    That would be accurate, too. :)

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