I was at the park

and enjoying my

Sun-day afternoon,

when a ladybug

suddenly landed on

my hand.


So I said to it


“Ladybug, ladybug,

fly away home,

your house is on fire

and your

children are gone.โ€


Then I blew

on the ladybug,

and off it flew.


But then I began to

wonder if I hadn’t

needlessly worried

the poor ladybug.


“I’m sure your kids are fine!” I yelled after it.

47 thoughts on “Peanuts

  1. That is so much fun – one landed on me in the back yard but I just let her wander around my top until she flew away. They are such beautiful little insects – like you, I hope her house wasn’t on fire!

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    • Hah! When the kids find a spider in the classroom, I always tell them, spiders kill the things we really hate, like flies and mosquitos! But then they stomp on him, anyway. I was visiting my father last weekend and I saw him take out a fly-swatter and I blurted out, “Don’t you have a net?” And he looked at me like I was crazy. I guess I am the only person who keeps a fly-net. I have saved a lot of spiders with that thing, though.

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      • I’ve never heard of a fly net! My grandmother had the ability to catch them with her hand and put them down the sink drain. I did not inherit that skill. Flies that have the audacity to trespass in my house get smashed with the closest item on hand. I’m not proud of insect murder but I just can’t have them invading. :D

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      • I dig it, MM. It is not actually a fly net, but one I keep to clean my turtle’s tank. Oddly enough, my grandmother had that talent, too! I wrote a post on the subject a few years ago: “if I see a cockroach in my apartment, it is as good as dead. But if I find a cricket, it gets a pass. Because a cricket can sing, and talent goes a long way in my estimation.”

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  2. Treffing at its best!
    Interesting to read about the fly-net. I have a fly-hammer and mosquito-machete – makes short work of those pests but sure leaves plenty of holes and dings in my furniture and the walls.

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