43 thoughts on “Tea for trefology

  1. (1) Burger and root beer? Whatever floats your bloat!
    (2) The Man in the Moon casts a giant shadow that can swallow a human whole. You’re lucky it only took your mouth.
    (3) Forget about Dad’s root beer. Drink Bud’s real beer instead.
    (4) Wendy’s old-fashioned burgers come from the meat of old cows that fancy themselves fashionable.
    (5) Old-fashioned word: “Woord” (Dutch) / “Wort” (German).

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  2. So the “man in the moon” isn’t you, but he has your mouth….and now you have to be fed intravenously? Sounds like a great way to lose weight, but probably a bit too inconvenient to compete with Nutrisystem and Jenny Craig.

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  3. It would have been better if the moon shadow just stalked you without stealing anything.
    But whaddaya gonna do? That’s moon shadows for you.
    (I found tumefied too, but obviously your very first commentator brought it up already, lol )

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  4. Finally getting a little caught up here, going through many posts… thanks for all the smiles and chuckles! (And now I’ll be singing Moon Shadow for the rest of the day. 😄 And that’s a good thing — it’s a favorite of mine.)

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