To know a man

They say you can’t

really know a man

until you spend

a day in his shoes.


But what of the man

who refuses to let me

wear his shoes?


And what of the man

who then threatens

physical violence

after I attempt to remove

his shoes anyway?


Can we ever really

know that man?


No, probably not.


At least, not without

those shoes.


The Couch Elf by Mary Cellini



51 thoughts on “To know a man

  1. My dad would say: “I cried because I had no shoes until I saw a man who had no feet” – George, have you changed your site’s format? I see no Like button or comments thread any longer. Intentional?

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    • I cannot recall the comic who said this, but I believe the next line is, “… So stole that man’s shoes.”.
      I decided to remove the like button, though it is still on the ‘reader’. Aesthetically, I prefer it, but I am also hoping it will free me up a bit to experiment more.

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  2. Hah! Funny association that. Is it just from Ahab and the whale, or was it an actual risk of working on a ship? Leg gets caught in a rope, perhaps? Or, from battle? And how many had legs that doubled as a blunderbuss, as in the cartoons?


  3. Maybe waking in another man’s shoes is identify theft. That could explain why my pals started calling me Dude when I was bowling in another man’s shoes. And that time we snowshoeing they called me Yeti. Now I get it.

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  4. How about when you have big feet? Others can walk in your shoes but theirs don’t fit.

    And the small feeted are in closed club where only the other small feeted know what it’s like to walk in their shows.

    And when the big feeted try to fight for their rights, they get all the cryptid jokes. At least they don’t have to worry about trying to get the ocean moving with the right motion but that’s a whole other subject.

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  5. The sole fell off the bottom of my boot in the middle of Pavilion’s the other day (a grocery store).
    People might be right to think, “Jeez, where’d she get those?” ’cause I got them in a thrift store. So I have ALREADY walked in someone else’s shoes and not enjoyed the experience at all, lol.

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    • In movies when the heroine breaks a heel she always snaps off the other one, too. Maybe you should have tried that move. Who knows? You could start a new trend, or, you can be asked to leave the Pavilions. One or the other.

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  6. I did tear the other one off, Geo! No matter. Still escorted out by security. Or maybe it was the watermelon I forgot to pay for? Oh, well………..!

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  7. What if a man wanted to know a woman, especially one who wore high heels? Or if a woman who liked high heels wanted to know a man who wore work boots? I wear tennis shoes mostly, right now black with hot pink laces. Wanna try them on?

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