The christmas lesson

I’ll never forget the

Christmas our parents

told us that, because


it had been

a hard year,


we could only ask for

one present each


So, that Christmas

all that I asked for were

scarlet ribbons.


Pretty scarlet ribbons for my hair.


And come

Christmas morning,

I got them, too.

And they were

as beautiful as you

may imagine.


My sister got a

new computer, though,

and, suddenly, I realized

what I fool I had been.


Stupid ribbons.



IN this undated photo, Our Founder, deep in contemplation, relaxes by a warm fire, smoking a pretend pipe, and wondering, perhaps, what became of his actual pipe.

51 thoughts on “The christmas lesson

    • Ah, yes, but what a door-stop! Of course, I doubt there were home computers back in those days. I think my concept of a computer as a kid were those giant room sized computers that spat out answers on punch cards, and, of course, Avery Schreiber. Anyway, happy holidays, SP!

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  1. (1) Turning the tables…
    Gable: “I hope you enjoy your ribbons, Scarlett!”
    Leigh: “Frankly, my dear, I don’t give a damn!”
    (2) Revealing moment…
    “I stuck my finger in the flames and discovered it was only a warm fire!”
    (3) Investigation results…
    Police have confirmed that your pipe was stolen by a Hobbit. But they have yet to smoke him out.

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