48 thoughts on “All the cards

  1. The genius of “Guardian of the super moist” made me do it, brother.

    Vegetables in a kid’s dessert (eeewww)
    Angel Fudd’s Veg-Fwee Cawwot Cake (wabbit stew)
    Not as moist as veggy cake (easy chew)
    Owange color added (bones wemoved)
    Shotgun pellets can be spit out (fur balls too)

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    • Hah! Thanks CES. Historical trivia: Once Man and Science figured a way to safely remove the bones from cake without damaging the fragile fondant, cake was suddenly elevated to High Tea, and would not be associated with the rabble until Betty Crocker came on the scene in the 1950s.

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  2. (1) At least it wasn’t the devil’s food cake on a flaming cake stand.
    (2) You don’t carrot all for veggie cake?
    (3) The angel saw your sexy forehead, and muttered to herself, “I’d tap that!”
    (4) If you ever wake up to a fruitcake, check to see if it’s groundhog day.
    (5) If you ever wake up in the middle of the night to find that you’re glowing in the dark, it’s because you ate yellowcake in your asleep. When it comes to cake, never choose the nuclear option.

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  3. Hubby LOVES carrot cake. He claims, “It’s healthy for you.”
    I guess any carrots that are actually in it, in his mind, completely overwhelm, undermine, and cancel out the butter, oil, sugar, eggs, and salt also included in the recipe!!

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  4. Your comment about parents saying you can only have dessert after you eat all your veggies reminded me of our oldest when we’d go to an all-you-can-eat buffet and we’d tell her to make sure to get something green. She always came back with green jello. :) Fun family lore. Thanks for jogging my memory on that one.

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    • Funny enough I took down a guardian angel post from 2015 to work on it some more. In it I am in a falling elevator and at the second before impact I jump in the air — an old Bug Bunny trick, I think. And though I still die, my guardian angel is quite impressed. “Nice try, Raymond” He says.


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