IF you some-

times have trouble


important things,

try making a

rhyme out of it!


For example:

I always had




socks to wear.


So, I say,


Find a sock on the street,

don’t put it on your feet.

Find a sock in your drawer,

put it on for sure.


Now you try it at home.

38 thoughts on “Helper-rhymes

  1. I’m not choosy when it comes to socks — my
    Drawers are too full (of socks) to bother.
    I have no time to be picky, so i reach in on the fly
    And up come six of one and half dozen of another.

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  2. My feet move me from couch to door
    “Why am I here?” my brain implores.
    Sit I back down,
    With a frown.
    Buns make sofa contact—
    Memory react—
    “Ah, now I remember from before.”
    I believe there is scientific proof that as we age our memory slides down into our sitzen as our brain goes into storage blitzen.

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  3. Drawer for mixed socks.
    Locker for sweat socks.
    Basket for darn socks.
    Shower rod for wet socks.
    Golf bags for Argyle socks.
    Lonely street for lost socks.
    No socks with Croc flip-flops

    You’re right, George. Rhyming helps me remember important things.

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