A tale of monomania

part one

The power of books, or, What to do to avoid a spanking


Growing up,

I was always

getting into some

sort of mischief.


I was always

getting caught, too,

and, then,

soundly spanked.


“Just wait til your father comes home!” My mother would say to me.


And I wondered,

What could I do to avoid any further spankings?


And, then,

the answer came to me, 

and it came to me,

in the form of a book.


And, so, knowing a

spanking was imminent,

I went to the study,

and found the thickest

book on the shelf, and


concealed that book

in the

back-side of my pants.


Then, later,

as fore-told, my father

came home from work,

heard what I had done,

stormed into my room,

dropped me over his knee,

pulled down my pants,


and, then

got lost in a good book.


“Son, this is going to

hurt me more than

it’s going to hurt you …


… They call me, Ishmael …”




51 thoughts on “A tale of monomania

  1. We did put excercise books inside our trousers when we were going to be caned at school. The teachers knew, but it limited the damage somewhat as long as they avoided the thighs..
    Many thanks for following my blog.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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    • Absolutely, Pete. I have been reading your comments to David Miller’s posts for years but never thought to check if you were a writer, as well. Also, glad to see there is some truth to what I writ’.

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  2. Clever!
    I’m just thinking about the days when a parent COULD do that. Sometimes they take the kid away if a parent’s seen disciplining now. The world has gone insane !!!

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      • Yeah, I SHOULD have put a book in my pants to distract my father, lol. I was a very troubled child and got a few licks early on. What else could they do? I deserved it! I forged my report card once when I was about seven years old !!!

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    • Hey C – sorry for the delay in responding. And yes!! I thought long about how I could use that line, maybe as the title, or an addendum, or something. It is a very nice little line to end a book on.

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  3. OMG this was perfect! It brought back so many memories of getting spanked. I didn’t use a book, I always put my hand on my butt and my mother (she did all the spanking) would spank me with her wood stick and hit my hand. Whether it hurt my hand or not I would scream out how bad my hand hurt. She would feel guilty and was done spanking me. Lol

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    • Yes, that is true! Another reader even supplied the last line of the book, “And I only am escaped alone to tell thee.” Which, I think is from the bible, too. Thanks for reading and sorry for the delay in responding.

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  4. I love books as well but unfortunately in these modern times of social media including WP and YT it got lost in the sea of my book shelves. I still buy books wishing I could have more time to read one haha!


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