Inside trefology


I ever learned

I learned from a


I Ever Learned

I Learned

in Kindergarten




“Anti-gravity zoo” by Mary Cellini

© all rights reserved 2022




Good news, readers!


My ‘Jokes for Kids’


is a hit with the kids!


Just this past

weekend,  I was

dining with

my betrothed at a

cafe in

East Hollywood,

when a

six year old boy

came up to my

table and said,

“I enjoy your work”


He asked

if I would sign his

copy of

Hi-lights for Children magazine,

and then,


it hits me —

he was confusing me

for another writer!


But I didn’t want

to disappoint.

So, I nodded politely,

and signed,

“Garry Cleveland Myers”

over the

Goofus & Gallant cartoon.


Then I finished my meal.

28 thoughts on “Inside trefology

  1. 1. I must have learned more of what I need to know in kindergarten than in high school or college, because I only remember what I learned in kindergarten.
    2. Thanks to Mary Cellini for validating the anti-gravity zoo, I thought I was only dreaming.
    3. Congraualtions to your betrothed, Mr. Myers, from a big kid who enjoys your work, Bill Watterson

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    • 1. On my first day of kindergarten, when the kids learned my name, they began a chorus of “Hey, there Georgie-girl!”. I definitely remember that. I recall too, how I once was made to stay after class because I refused to draw my 4’s anyway but the way that was on the wall clock, which I preferred. I guess I was stubborn.
      2. I shall pass on your words to the artist, Ms. Cellini
      3. Nice to meet you Mr. Watterson, I am a great fan of Funky Winkerbean.

      Liked by 2 people

      • 1. So, in what grade did they start calling you Boy George?
        2. Ms. Cellini’s anti-gravity zoo has taken pride of place in my den. Not lion.
        3. Funky would autograph your napkin, if Hobbes hadn’t been hungry. Uh-oh, now he’s eyeing anti-gravity zoo. Gotta go. .

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  2. Haha. Lucky, lucky kids!
    Just realized that when you mentioned driving down “Sunset” in my blog (about the dog smacking cat) and now mentioning in East Hollywood…you’re just across the “pond” from me! If either the hills or the 405 freeway was a pond, that is. Howdy, neighbor.

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  3. I never meta meta-poem I didn’t like. If I’m lying, I’m flying. I so loved Highlights magazine. We gifted a subscription (seriously!) most recently – to our granddaughter.

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