27 thoughts on “Basin street blues

  1. They’re all camping out at Roach Lake, a dry lake just off the side of I-15 near the California border. Apparently, they are complaining that human beings have encroached upon their camping community, and that they risk becoming an infestation.

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  2. Readers competing for the Trefology Award eh? but there’s only one Geo Raymond. Say, by the way, how did you come to make up the word Trefology? — very clever idea — when you type trefology in any search engine, you and you alone come up.

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    • Hey Mich. Short answer: I used my grandfather’s name. A name as hard to pronounce as it is to remember. To the end of his days my grandfather received mail addressed to Tregger, Trefler, Trekfor, Trebber, Trefmer and occasionally, his actual name, Trefcer.


      • Interesting, thanks. Trefcer pops up mainly in NY end of 1800s, orig. from Europe of course. I wish I could think of a tricky name, I’ve used Michelmoreorless, not too catchy… Michelaneous… nah — screwit!

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