42 thoughts on “Jokes for kids

  1. As a kid I picked an apple from a neighbor’s tree, so to speak, and heard a voice…

    Thy betrothed
    charms consummation
    arms the worm

    True: The girl next door had a thing for military uniforms. This teenage army private got caught, mostly out of uniform, on her Beautyrest, by her father. Leaving my cap, with which she covered her modesty with triumph, I wormed my way back into uniform, saluted the man with the shotgun, and reported back to base double-time. They might have been happy together, the girl next door and the private, if only until the worm was back in civvies.

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  2. Carroll and Zora Neale Hurston and Neil Simon and D. Chappelle, among others, would probably enjoy a delightful afternoon of verbal wordplay with you! :)

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