A simpler age

I suspect

salad dressing

harkens back to

a more

modest time in

our society







I am often asked,

what would happen if I were to die before finishing my life’s work at trefology?


Well, …


dear Readers,

do not fear

my passing.


When my day

comes I will

embrace the


with open arms.



Because I have a back-up plan!


Now, I have not, yet, fully

fleshed out this plan,

but, here is my pledge to you:


I will, one day,

return to earth,

to complete my

work at trefology

How? Again, I don’t, yet, know.


But that is why,

when I die,

I have requested

to be buried

in …


a straight jacket,


wrapped in chains,

and with

the lid of the coffin

nailed air-tight.


That way, on the chance that I am successful,


it will be a double good trick.

38 thoughts on “A simpler age

  1. It always seems to me that the hardest part of such a return engagement is deciding how long to be absent for. Too short and folk will say, ‘Oh, you were gone, were you?’.

    Too long and it’ll be ‘Tref who?’.

    Good luck comrade. Send me a postcard.

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