Trefology proudly presents its 700th post (big deal)









Written & performed by

George J. Raymond (related)

© 2022 all rights reserved


I took myself too

far one day,

and filled up an

empty chamber.

Spun the wheel,

closed my eyes,

almost pulled the



Oh, what a night.

Oh, what a fight.

I went too far.

She took the car.


I was alone with

myself, seriously

doubting my

emotional health


Help! I cried out

That girl turned me

inside out.


Took advantage

of my collapse,

put the pistol in

the freezer

Grabbed some


a bottle of gin

found me a day

old pizza


Oh, what a night …


I was alone with myself …


Inside out, inside out

Inside out, inside out

Never thought

she’d go and leave me

inside out, inside out.


It must have

been the booze, or

something else

I started feeling


grabbed my bike

and hit the road


I’ll find her

sooner or later.


Rainy night,

I was pretty tight,

ran the light,

never saw the car.


I was alone with myself …

62 thoughts on “Trefology proudly presents its 700th post (big deal)

  1. I like it a lot. Have you ever listened to the band Firewater (no relation)? They are a world punk/gypsy punk/klezmer/cabaret band that somehow avoids pigeon-holing. Your song reminded me of them. Not that it sounds like them; it was more of a spirit thing.

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  2. “Inside-out” is indeed a big deal, in my judgement, George J. Raymond, singer-songwriter-poet. Every man who’s ever been alone with himself would sing along. The man in the picture (whose countenance reminds me of my own as a younger man) must be proud, wherever he is. Not to mention Jimmy. For the B side, I’d love to hear ‘No prison can hold me the way I want to be held.” Best wishes.

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  3. I’m not sure I’ve even hit 100 yet. Congrats ! That’s a lot of laughter you’ve doled out over time. And smooth vocals. Very enjoyable.

    Liked by 1 person

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