The question

A friend of

mine was

crossing the

street in

Los Angeles

when he

was struck

by a car

and killed.


They tell me,

at the time,

he had been

wearing a

“Who farted?” t-shirt.


And that, for me, somehow made it worse


Because if


have taught

me anything,


the clothes you die in, are the clothes you will wear for all eternity.


So,  now,

not only

will he

never know

who farted


but he’ll be forever asking …

48 thoughts on “The question

    • OK, but I plan on getting my photo taken with Abraham Lincoln, so I want to look good. As I get older, more and more, I find myself asking, “Would Lincoln like this shirt?”


  1. Seriously, are you telling me we don’t get a wardrobe change? Now I will never figure out what to wear every day. Can you imagine all the folks floating around up there in those horrible blue gowns with their butts flapping in the wind?

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