52 thoughts on “How to know when to contact the authorities

      • Thanks for the sweet root beer memories, George. Brings back a tv commercial I wrote for the “rootin’-tootin’ sweeeet root beer: Rudy Root Beer, targeting kids. The brand’s mascot, a bear. A kid walks into an old western saloon, bellies up to the bar and orders Rudy Root Beer. the music and din stop when he orders Rudy Root Beer at the bar, riffraff in the saloon laugh at the kid.


      • That is awesome E Sum. I wonder if it is on youtube. I remember visiting a state park in NY in 1977 that had the remains of an original settlement from the 17th century. The park ranger explained to me how they had root beer and pretzels back then, and I how I looked around and thought, I could have totally lived here then. What more do I need? Thanks, again, E Sum.
        PS – the other barrel I have been thinking about is the proverbial barrelful of monkeys, but I’ll save that one for the day I ever post it.

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      • Sorry, George, that last comment got away from me. So, of course, the bear cleans out the salloon with all the cowboys that laughed at the kid, while the jingle sings about the “rootin’-tootiin’ sweeeet root beer!”
        Btw, Wikipedia tells the world that Root Beer Barrels candy was invented in the early 1900s by pharmacist Charles Hines, and that in 1901, school teacher Annie Edson Taylor became the first person to go over Niagara Falls in a barrel and still celebrate more birthdays. No one would ever make that connection, but for Trefology.

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    • I remember the story of one reporter who took a note pad with him and strapped his arm in the barrel so he could write about the experience. They never saw him again, but they did find the barrel, as well as his arm still strapped in. The notepad was, of course, blank. And I think I learned that story from reading one of those Wallechinsky/Wallace Book of Lists that were so popular in the 70s.


  1. An accident would need to be eliminated from the list of possible causes.
    I can imagine a lake-side wine tasting stop concluding in an inebriated nap in a barrel that ends up in the water heading towards the sea.
    The doubt is reasonable.

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