The history of flight

Don’t worry!


It’s human

nature to

want to fly

like a bird.


And, then,


you are flying

like a bird,


Your tired arms flapping all about


It’s human

nature to

want to stop,


and, maybe,


rest for a spell

on yon

electrical pole.

36 thoughts on “The history of flight

  1. It’s good to know that my desire to fly like a bird is natural. I worried that it might be supernaturaland I’d need to wear a cape, and that it would clash with my flying carpet. I was worried that, since gravity is natural, I would fall. gravity wer the flight instinct was unnatural, like flappers in boas, leading to dancers with feathered fans, it might end with pole dancers covered in goose bumps.

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  2. (1) I always thought power lines were the lines in one’s face that indicate one has grown powerfully wise with age.
    (2) Some human flyers won’t panic upon landing on an electrical pole. They are simply unflappable.
    (3) I once had a dream where I could wave my arms and rise off the ground. I woke up thinking it was a silly dream. That is, until I realized I was hanging from my bedroom’s ceiling fan.
    (4) For those who wish to fly, it helps to have pigeon toes.
    (5) I wasn’t sure what comments to write, so I just decided to wing it. (Did any of my comments fly?)

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