Everything must go

I went to a

garage sale

run by a man who

had no bones


He just hung there

on a clothes line,

held with clips,


flapping about in the wind,


making deals.


And I was

sorting thru

a box of

things for sale


when I

came upon an


human skeleton.


“Hey”, I said to him,

“you don’t want this anymore?”

28 thoughts on “Everything must go

  1. I once went to a garage sale, and found a unicycle that I wanted very much to buy. But it was overpriced. The retired tightrope artist who ran the garage sale was all skin and bones. I surmised that he was not long for this world. As he hobbled back and forth on the quivering clothesline, I grabbed the line and began swinging it wildly in hopes of instilling the fear of death in the old man so that he would give me a better price on the unicycle. But he was unflappable.

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  2. Wonderful writing, George! Perfectly constructed. I see it all. And fun-nee! What a great find. The woman who found a Jackson Pollock painting in a thrift shop for five bucks could not have laughed louder than I am.

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