A dog’s life

It was in late-August,

the day my sister and I

returned home from

summer camp and our

old dog Pepper was not

at the door to greet us.


Our father sat us down

and solemnly reminded us

that Pepper had been

with the family since

before we were born …


But then, seeing our faces,

he stopped and

thought for a moment,

and then explained that

while we were at camp,

he had sent Pepper

to live on a farm upstate,

— a magical farm!

One where she could

play all day long

and live a life of ease.



most importantly,

he concluded,

it had been mostly

Pepper’s decision.


We were suspicious,

but then mom appeared

and presented us

with a surprise: 

a puppy! we named,

Pepper 2.


And suddenly, once again, all seemed right in our world.


That is, until,

later that night,

just a little past our



The phone rang.

I answered.


It was Pepper.


She barked & whimpered

into the phone.

“Pepper is that you?” I asked.

“Are you ok, gurl?”



I heard a human

voice say,

“Get that receiver away from Pepper!”

And then the line

went dead.


It was then I knew our father had lied.

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